Ecosystem for Retail Investors.

DIY Signal Trading, Broker Connection


Connecting retail investors with brokers and signal providers

Connected via the ecosystem

Retail Investors

Retail investors,  following trading system or modelportfolio. Retail investors select either manual order entry or (semi-) autotrade.

  • All on 1 user-friendly platform

  • Real-time market data right up to AutoTrade

  • Retail investor back in control

Signal Providers

The high-tech infrastructure of our platform enables Signal Providers to publish trading systems and/or model portfolio’s, generate signals and distribute signals to subscribers.

  • Convenience

  • Scalability

  • Activating investors

Connected Brokers

Broker, connected to the ecosystem. Receives orders (via platform software) from retail investors for execution and sends confirmation to investors.

  • Autotrade and Semi-Autotrade

  • Easy onboarding of Signal Providers and their subscribers

  • Income potential for Signal Providers

Platform overview

Business opportunities

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How to partner with our platform and its services, the first white labelled ecosystem 

In May 2017 we launched on the Dutch retail investment market as our first white labelled implementation of the ecosystem. The ecosystem successfully onboarded signal providers and retail investors and facilitates the connection with a broker for order execution. 


The ecosystem for retail investors.

For successful DIY investing and Signal Trading.